Elena Paraskevas-Thadani to speak on Investigations at the New York City Bar’s Employment Law Institute on March 6, 2020

Employment Law Institute The New York City Bar’s Labor & Employment Law’s annual all-day institute explores recent trends, developments, and cutting-edge issues in employment law. Panels typically include judges, in-house counsel for large New York corporations and financial institutions, representatives from governmental agencies, and top practitioners from both the plaintiffs’ and defense bar. The 6th Annual…


Fundamental Job Search Advice

I have read many online comments from frustrated job-seeking applicants. In particular, the complaints seem to focus on certain themes: (1) employers do not “give people without the exact set of skills or background ‘a chance’”; (2) applicants feel like they are communicating with a “void,” with little or no feedback; and (3) employers are “overly…


The Rules of Mentoring

Whether you are in charge of an official mentoring program in your company, have been asked to serve as a mentor, or are interested in being mentored, it is important to know the rules of engagement. Here they are: According to Dictionary.com a mentor is a “wise and trusted counselor or teacher” or “an influential…


Striated Levels of “Diversity”​

I was recently talking to my teenage daughter about colleges. I told her that a diverse campus would enhance her college experience and suggested that perhaps she would be more comfortable in a co-ed college where many ethnicities, races, nationalities were represented. She responded that she didn’t think diversity was all that important to her. I…


About that “No-Jerks” Policy …

It has been called many names, from the “no-jerk” policy to the “no a-holes” rule. Companies like Uber and Netflix have committed to a warm, open corporate culture, so they have decided on a new approach to mean people: get rid of them. The trouble? So-called jerks can offer outstanding ideas and actually enrich those around them. Don’t they…