Plan, Prioritize, Prepare.

Helpful Tips to Quiet Your Billing Woes After 10 years of working at a public defense organization and getting paid a bi-weekly salary, transitioning to hourly billing has presented many challenges. While tracking billables may seem easy enough if you’re like me and have never had to flex this muscle before, billing can be a lot…


Say What?! An Investigator’s View on Conducting Interviews in the Witness’s Native Language

Conducting witness interviews in the witnesses’ native language (or at least by someone with knowledge of the witnesses’ native language for clarifying points where necessary) is vital to protecting the integrity of an investigation for three very important reasons. First, in our experience, witnesses who are able to communicate directly with the investigator tend to offer…


Proud to once again be recognized by Super Lawyers

Elena Paraskevas-Thadani, President and Founder, is recognized again by Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters business, for 2019. It is a pleasure to serve the workplace community by performing sensitive investigations, conducting trainings, resolving disputes as a mediator/arbitrator, and working as an executive coach. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you doing what I…


What is your “Conduct Credit” Rating?

Do you know the exact balance of your credit card when you charge something? Probably not. We use up credit without a clear idea of how much we have, until we get a bill or max out. Some people have more credit than others, which means they can charge more. In the workplace, we have…