Mediator and Arbitrator Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (She/Her) provides information on the United States District Court Eastern District of New York free arbitration program

If you have a civil case for $150K or less in the EDNY, the court’s arbitration program may offer a speedy and affordable resolution. Pursuant to the program, an Arbitrator is jointly selected by counsel for both parties from the EDNY Arbitration Panel. The arbitration takes place within six months of the filing of the…


EPT Legal and it’s international affiliate byrne·dean, help employers all over the world create an inclusive work culture with training and coaching.

When you love your work and who you do it with, it’s not so bad getting up at 4am. Enjoyed working with my UK colleagues at our international affiliate byrne·dean on how to better resolve workplace issues world wide, through training and coaching. Thank you Graham Browning, Richard Martin, Diane Sneddon, Julie Morris, Rachel Kamm, Katie Drysdale, Fudia Smartt, Matt Dean, Sophie Clifford, and Tara Hamel-Smith,…


Be honest with yourself advises coach Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (She/Her). Are you really “unwinding” or are you “unraveling”?

Are you “unwinding” or “unraveling?” Some people have shared that after a long day in this pandemic era, they like to “unwind” with binge-watching or several alcoholic drinks. And while the occasional drink or episode is great for relaxing, make sure you are truly “unwinding” and not “unraveling.” How to tell the difference? Ask yourself:…