Thoughts on change, growth and learning

In light of our beautiful summer days, I have seen spiders spin intricate webs, birds build sturdy nests, and bees build perfect symmetrical hives. So many animals are born engineers, already knowing intuitively how to build complicated structures. We as humans are born knowing how to build nothing. It is our capacity to learn which…


A word on #growthmindset

Ready. Aim. Release. Miss. Adjust Aim. Release. Miss. Adjust Aim. Release. Bulls Eye. I recently picked up archery. Initially, I spent a lot of time on “Ready.” I would aim and line everything up, focus on my preparation and… miss the target entirely. I did the same thing over and over. Until I realized that…


“Knock, knock, may I come in?”

“Knock, knock, may I come in?” When we had offices we knocked on doors. Even with cubicles and open desk areas, we literally said the words, “knock, knock.” Now, with limitations on space and current safety precautions, we have to ask stores, banks, post offices etc “may I come in?” Asking to enter a retail…


Want to be a well-rounded team? Here’s how you do it.

Want to have a well-rounded team? Stop looking for well-rounded people. “Well-rounded” usually means someone the boss can talk to. I remember trying to be a well-rounded person. I would scan the sports section to be able to talk to my boss about sports, in which I had no interest. I would watch Saturday Night…


Seven Card Rummy

I was teaching my kids seven card Rummy recently. For those who don’t know the game, the first to obtain four-of-a-kind and three-of-a-kind, wins. As we played our first game, my 12 year old son grew frustrated. Each turn thwarted his strategy as he saw cards he wanted come and go. “This game is ridiculous,…



There is a lot of talk about allyship lately. The word “ally” is from the Latin “alligare” which means to “bind together.” An ally is one who says: This issue affects me, because it affects you. Your issue is my issue. Your fight is my fight. Your cause is my cause. Because we are bound…



If you are exhausted at the end of a day full of Zoom calls, give yourself a pat on the back. That means you have been listening. And listening, truly listening, is hard work. I remember learning this lesson early in my career defending witnesses at depositions: my witness was being questioned and I would…