James Tampellini is a seasoned attorney with almost 20 years of experience practicing law in a Big Law firm and is former veteran detective of the New York City Police Department.

During his career as an attorney and detective, Jim has conducted hundreds of witness interviews.  The breadth of Jim’s investigative experience covers a wide variety of areas, having spent a large part of his NYPD career investigating cases involving public corruption, fraud, narcotics, organized crime and labor racketeering.  Jim also has international investigation experience working in Hong Kong and Macao on matters including insurance and bank fraud.

Jim practices as a litigator, focusing on contracts and labor and employment law, mainly working on cases involving breach of employment contracts.  Jim brings his experience and discretion as a trial attorney, litigator and former NYPD detective to the important internal investigations we conduct for our clients. Jim is a certified workplace investigator certified by Employee and Labor Relations Academy.