A team made up of people who have different strengths, skills and passions, and leverage them, is more likely to thrive. And smiling doesn’t hurt either.

I was recently on vacation with my family and a few of our friends (and their children). At one point, we were having dinner at a restaurant—we were a large party, with four adults and six kids, some of whom were picky eaters. Because of this, our order had many subtractions, additions, and other modifications.

We apologized to our server about the complicated nature of our order. She, however, smiled and explained that it was no problem because this was her “vacation.” She explained she is a preschool teacher during the winter months, that she enjoyed working at this restaurant in the summer, and that we were a breeze compared to what she did daily as a teacher.

I realized that what may be challenging for one person is a breeze for another; I doubted I could handle the rapid fire orders with such poise, for example. But people with diversified passions and skills build a productive and thriving society. Not to mention her positive attitude and approach inspired me.

By leveraging our unique strengths and skills we can inspire and serve each other and create a well-rounded workplace. That is the foundation for any healthy team and the cornerstone of a culture where people can thrive. And it doesn’t hurt to smile either.