A word on #growthmindset

Ready. Aim. Release. Miss. Adjust Aim. Release. Miss. Adjust Aim. Release. Bulls Eye.

I recently picked up archery. Initially, I spent a lot of time on “Ready.” I would aim and line everything up, focus on my preparation and… miss the target entirely. I did the same thing over and over. Until I realized that planning is important, but even more important is immediately adjusting your aim based on your previous shot, again and again and again. Aim, miss, re-aim, readjust, hit the target. You learn more from the shots you miss about how to fix your aim than adjusting at the “ready” to try to make the perfect shot. How else will you know you tend to aim low, high, too much to the left?

I learned that hitting the bulls-eye is less “ready” and more “re-aim”. Sometimes you just have to release. You can’t hit the target at “ready.”