Byrne Dean is our international affiliate based in the UK. Our close relationship and shared mission has been built over many years, and strengthened in particular during the global pandemic; which quickly saw geography mattering less in the delivery of our work. Through this partnership, we are equipped to help clients in the U.K., Australia, China, India, Canada, and Continental Europe.

Our colleagues at Byrne Dean lead and deliver world class training sessions in workplace behavior, equity, diversity & inclusion, mental health & wellbeing, leadership and people skills, and more. They also help to resolve workplace behavior concerns with investigations, mediations, and strategy recommendations for positive change in your workplace culture.

#NotMe is a modern end-to-end Safety, HR, Ethics & Compliance SaaS solution for the workplace and communities interested in fostering a speak up culture, increasing trust and reducing costs on employee turnover and labor lawsuits. #NotMe is the most trusted employee relations and whistleblowing platform adopted by modern management teams.