Appreciate the difference between having a “routine” and having “purpose” at work, advises Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (She/Her)

Much has been written about “having a routine.” But more valuable than a routine at work, I have found that I need “purpose.”

In fact, thoughtfully deviating from a routine to accomplish important goals that give you purpose ensures that you will be way more productive. Most of the important things you have to accomplish are not recurring or routine things, they are projects and tasks that are completed and on which you build later, before you can move on to the next project, client, or goal.

I prefer general, customizable routines. For example, going for a walk every day, as opposed to going for a walk every day at 7am. I also prefer to move my work area to different areas of my home, to keep things varied and fresh. One of my coaching clients stuck to a routine and ended up responding to emails for 8 hours but did not accomplish or move towards any significant goal in that day. If your routine is not helping you achieve larger goals, scrap it. If you have important tasks and meetings planned for the day, you wouldn’t need your routine to get you there. The schedule itself should not be the important task or meeting you have planned.

If you focus on purpose, you don’t need the routine.

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