Happy Women’s History month!

One of my clients is a CEO of a STEM firm in Manhattan. The coop application asked the CEO to enter “Name of Applicant” and underneath “Wife’s Maiden Name.” The CEO Applicant happens to be a woman. She doesn’t have a wife; she has a husband. But the application, it seems, didn’t expect a coop…


Don’t Waste, Create

I hate waste. Wasted talent. Wasted time. Wasted resources. So when my family and I let a perfectly good loaf of Italian bread turn rock-solid a few months ago, I decided to salvage it and make it into bread crumbs. Little did I realize how difficult grating an object that was as hard as metal…


Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Inspired by my 13-year old’s culinary successes, I decided to try my hand in the kitchen. I am a carnivore and wanted to make meatballs. I rolled up my sleeves, dug into the raw meat, sculpted, seasoned, and baked them. And they tuned out— pretty awful. They were dry, barely chewable, inedible. I left them…


Try Every Option Before Blindly Quitting

My 13-year old was hungry and was exploring the fridge. To some, it would have looked like his options were limited. But he found various small amounts of cheeses in their make-shift wrappers and researched how to make homemade mac and cheese on youtube. He watched more than one video and improvised with what he…


Zoom Fatigue

A team was on a call. There was an awkward silence. A question was asked on a deliverable and no one heard it… because everyone was working on something else. In other words, they were on the Zoom, but they weren’t in the meeting. This is the result of Zoom fatigue. Be present. This is…


Black History Month

Today marks the start of Black History Month, a celebration in honor of all the extraordinary Black Americans who preceded us and who are with us, and who have contributed to the richness of our country and lives. These past and present figures are teachers, lawyers, doctors, businesspeople, parents, students, children, elderly, health care workers,…


Defrosting the Work Ethic After the Pandemic

During this pandemic, I learned how to cook steak. One of the most important steps I learned was not a step at all. It was to bring the steak to room temperature prior to cooking. Just take it out of the fridge and do… nothing. Just, wait. Give it time. The steak reaches room temperature…


A Balance Between Logic and Emotion

Over the course of my education and training, I have heard the adage, “It is logic which makes us human.” And often, the teacher of this view proceeds to vilify emotion as if it is something we must conquer, because logic is what “distinguishes us from animals.” However, having known many logical animals, and many…