BC [Before Covid] Flashbacks

BC [Before Covid] Flashbacks. Sudden sharp memories: running for the train, picking up coffees for clients and colleagues, taking an elevator and chatting with strangers while we wait for our floor, sitting in a meeting with coffee and pastries served buffet style, asking someone I just met at a crowded conference “is this chair taken,” spontaneous silliness in the office making me laugh so hard I could hardly stand. Some of these moments are treasured, but some were mundane and forgotten, and yet they have the same level of poignancy. I can’t choose the flashback, it just visits uninvited, and then it’s gone. Those moments, and that BC life shaped how we interacted at work. We took that way of life for granted, as one would take air. And now, there is a new way of doing things. A new culture. The one thing the BC flashbacks have in common is a sense of connectedness to other people.This must still be part of our work culture. Sometimes we have to unlearn something to learn something new. Perhaps we are all having BC flashbacks. Sometimes circumstance creates an inclusive, connected, culture, and perhaps this is happening as we all learn the new normal. Sometimes we have to remember to work at it and not take it for granted, like air. Culture is contagious. #culturechange