Our Biggest Obstacle is Our Mindset

What is possible now that was not before?

This is the theme in our coaching and training work now.

One of my coaching clients has a running partner in another country. They met over social media and hold each other accountable to exercise “together” during this time of wide-spread social distancing.

Theoretically, it was always possible to have an exercise partner in another country. The technology has existed for some time. As has the technology to work remotely, meet for drinks virtually, attend conferences and meetings over Zoom or Webex and connect with people. But the biggest obstacle was mindset. If I had invited a friend for virtual cocktails over FaceTime 3 months ago, it probably would have been seen as odd. In fairness, it would not have occurred to me to extend that invitation. That’s not how things were done. But now, I am speaking to friends, colleagues and clients thousands of miles away, not because the miles between us have been eliminated, but the barriers in our own minds have.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle is mindset.

The way of doing things changed overnight. Barriers we thought existed, do not. Simply because we decided that it be so.