Bringing Your Workbase Back to the Workplace

Employers are now making plans to re-open. As you start thinking about bringing your workbase back to the workplace, please ask yourself, and your team, this question:

What opportunities do we have now that we did not have before?

For example, in one company a very productive teammate has been able to work their ideal hours during the mandatory remote-work quarantine– from 8pm-4am. As a natural night owl, this person previously struggled under the old in-office 6am commuting routine and the 9-5 office hours. Now, when that person returns to work, staggered schedules will permit them to finally work a shift that is kinder to their biological clock. And their employer will be able to offer coverage to its clients it could not offer under the previous standard 9-5 office hours. This arrangement was available only because the employer asked, the teammate responded and the employer listened. And necessity has lifted the previous psychological barriers to exploring this mutually beneficial arrangement.

What opportunities do you see that you never had before? Let me know your thoughts in a comment.