EPT Legal President, Elena Paraskevas-Thadani, has been celebrating this holiday season with the “shiny band-aid” that is the end of the COVID isolation period!

I was recently on a long line at a pharmacy with other individuals queuing up for a flu shot. Although I was at the back, the piercing screams from the vaccination room cut through my thoughts loud and clear. Had I not known the context, I would have thought a child was being slowly dismembered. As the screams subsided (I guess the shot was over), the child, who turned out to be a girl about 3 years old, sobbed, “I want a shiny band aid!”

Isn’t that the way it is. After an unpleasant ordeal, we seek out something at the end that we can refer to and say, “Well, it’s over, I can start to heal now, and at least I got this!”

Now that the pandemic isolation has ended, I have started to gather with loved ones, attend events, and meet clients, coworkers, and friends in real life. Like the girl who is trying to put the experience of the painful shot behind her, I feel like I got a shiny band aid.