Constant Communication is Crucial

I once had a washing machine delivered. A huge and heavy appliance had to be brought up a tricky, narrow staircase by two workers.

As the burly workers were huffing and puffing, they spoke to each other constantly throughout the precarious climb. Ready? Yep. Ok, lift! Be careful. Got it? No, wait…ok good now. Watch your back. Watch your fingers. Got it? I got it. Watch your foot. Ok, Turn. Wait, clearing the corner. Wait, losing my grip—Ok I got it now. You good? Yep, good, keep going. You Ok? Yep, ok. Got it? Yep.

Without hitch or injury, the unit was brought up the tricky stairs and installed.

I watch many people interact at work. I was left with the impression that this duo cared about each other, was effective because of it, and that this dynamic is what made them good at what they did. Professional.

When a job requires heavy lifting, constant communication, reporting what you need, asking what your teammate needs, responding and adjusting, over and over, real time, is the only way to get it done.

Getting organizations through the Covid-19 crisis requires heavy lifting. Constant communication real time is crucial. Not only is it required to have a professional and effective team, but isn’t that what caring fundamentally looks like?