How COVID-19 will impact the workplace

How COVID-19 will impact the workplace:

There will be a paradigm shift to remote work being more acceptable, after the crisis. When this is over, employers will assess how this worked out for them and will conclude that remote work can work very well in general.

More professional conversations during the time of remote work, people will talk to each other MORE, not less, about work. Their conversations will be more productive and less “water cooler.” Not to mention, people will interrupt each other less, because it is harder to do so on a conference call or over zoom.

Leaders will be more understanding with employees having trouble meeting a deliverable. It may be because, as external clients also experience the same challenges, leaders feel they can focus more on their internal clients (employees). Or it may be because leaders have been forced to work remotely or differently themselves and are working out the kinks.

Opportunity. No more face time or required awkward socializing for a while. As office politics become less important, hardworking individuals will be recognized for their measurable productivity.

When the pandemic is over, the resulting Brave New World will offer many positive changes to workers and the workplace.

Written by: Elena Paraskevas-Thadani