Don’t Waste, Create

I hate waste. Wasted talent. Wasted time. Wasted resources. So when my family and I let a perfectly good loaf of Italian bread turn rock-solid a few months ago, I decided to salvage it and make it into bread crumbs. Little did I realize how difficult grating an object that was as hard as metal into a powder could be. But after 4 hours of shredding, grating, food processing, seasoning, and baking, I had 2 jars of homemade bread crumbs. “Well, that was a total waste of time,” I concluded.

Yesterday, my husband prepared fried breaded cod. He used store bought breadcrumbs for some of the fillets and used mine for the rest.

“This is the best cod I ever tasted,” my daughter said.

“Can I have another piece with the special bread crumbs?” my son asked. Special. He was referring to mine.

Sometimes it may take a while for your invention, creation or discovery to be used, or appreciated. But keep creating. It’s not a waste.


a close up picture of food items kept on a table