Happy Memorial Day

Remember those who have gone this Memorial Day weekend by taking a moment to simply be. Digital Dementia is a phrase coined a few years ago to describe the “scatterbrainness” caused by overstimulation of the brain due to the use of digital devices. As the Covid Crisis has eliminated the natural breaks that we took for granted (the commute, the walk for coffee or to a restaurant to meet people for dinner) and replaced it with working almost exclusively on a screen over email or video conference for extended periods of time, this phenomenon has become common and made worse by the incessant multitasking and mixing of work and personal demands. The three day weekend is a welcome break. During this weekend of Rememberance, combat “being on” all the time by shutting down and honor those who are no longer by simply being. I have found that the best way to remember is to let my mind drift and talk about those gone. And that requires disconnecting from electronics to reconnect with ourselves, our memories and our loved ones. Have a peaceful Memorial Day. #memorialday