Be honest with yourself advises coach Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (She/Her). Are you really “unwinding” or are you “unraveling”?

Are you “unwinding” or “unraveling?”

Some people have shared that after a long day in this pandemic era, they like to “unwind” with binge-watching or several alcoholic drinks. And while the occasional drink or episode is great for relaxing, make sure you are truly “unwinding” and not “unraveling.”

How to tell the difference?

Ask yourself: is this activity really helping me recharge or is this actually sucking my energy? Is this bringing me closer to my short and long term goals?

Studies have shown that we recharge better by socializing (even on the phone or Video conference), taking a walk, reading, learning, or even helping someone else, than by watching TV or consuming alcohol. It is restful to actually be doing something pleasant as opposed to consuming something pleasant.

So make sure when you unwind you are not becoming undone, and if you are, get the support you need from a coach or licensed mental health professional to get back on track.

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