Improving Workplace Culture: Our UK Affiliate Addresses New Developments in Regulatory Requirements

In the U.K., the Solicitors Regulation Authority places explicit requirements on individuals to treat coworkers fairly and with respect. Further, there is now an affirmative responsibility on individual law firm managers and senior management to “challenge unfair treatment” at work, including bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Previously, the SRA required only that firms “ensure their managers and employees comply with our regulatory arrangements.” Now, law firms and managers are under an affirmative obligation and duty to “challenge unfair treatment.”

EPT Legal, LLC‘s U.K. affiliate byrne·dean are subject-matter experts in workplace dynamics and creating kinder, fairer, and more equitable workplaces. Our amazing colleagues provide world-class training and in workplace behavior, diversity & inclusion, risk mitigation, accountability, and leadership and people skills (unconscious bias, culture formation, belonging, etc.). Whether you are looking to comply with the new SRA standards or are to improve the culture of belonging at your workplace — byrne·dean can help!

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