Liberty and Justice, For All

EPT Legal is a small, woman-owned, immigrant-owned firm specializing in preventing and resolving workplace issues through education, investigation, alternative dispute resolution, training, and coaching. Our team has a competitive edge because we are diverse in many ways. We have different ethnicities, races, and nationalities, including People of Color and people of European descent; different language capabilities–our team members speak Spanish, Hebrew, Greek and American Sign-Language in addition to English; and different training backgrounds–our investigators and facilitators have management-side, employee-side, law enforcement, and criminal defense experience. We leverage these strengths by working on projects together and the quality of our work is a testament to this. We know from experience that diverse perspectives yield the best results. We also recognize that inclusion is fundamental to honest dialogue and true collaboration. These are the ideals upon which our firm was founded.

As President of the firm, I am deeply saddened by the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, as well as the many other lives lost as a result of ongoing police brutality targeting the Black community. This extreme disconnect between the American ideals (of equal justice under the law, the right to life, liberty, and due process, among others) and the current reality must be resolved. I am committed to doing my share personally and our share as a company to help shape a nation that affords everyone, in their personal and professional lives, these fundamental rights.

In support of our mission of making workplaces better places, and in our larger mission of improving the world in which we live, EPT Legal as a company has invested tens of thousands of dollars in time and monetary support of non-profits and charitable organizations in 2020 including the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization committed to ending racial and economic injustice. (These efforts do not include the laudable pro bono work performed or funds generously donated individually by our attorneys as individuals).

While a pandemic prevents us from embracing, that is the only way we can rise above this: together.