Not winning in the moment is not the same as “failure”.

After a crushing defeat which cost his team the playoffs, Superstar Bucks athlete, Giannis Antetokounmpo, responds to a reporter’s question— whether he considers this season a “failure.” “Do you get a promotion every year on your job? No, right? So every year, your work is a failure?” “Michael Jordan played 15 years, won six championships….


Need to Get to the Bottom of it? Use Our Workplace Investigations: Training Presentation

Do you need to train your team on how to conduct an effective workplace investigation? EPT Legal released their newest train-the-trainer course on how to conduct effective workplace investigations, in partnership with LexisNexis. The training program covers topics such as complaint intake and protocol, planning an investigation, preserving confidentiality, witness interviews, document requests, report writing,…


Men and their Mental Health

Check out this blog post from our international affiliate Byrne Dean, “Men and their mental health.” It highlights some of the struggles men face in their mental health and how we all can step up and support them more in the workplace. https://www.byrnedean.com/our-thinking/men-and-their-mental-health


Building Your Career in a Masculine Environment Webinar

Check out this stellar webinar entitled “Building Your Career in a Masculine Environment” featuring Victoria Lewis, the CEO of our International Affiliate Byrne Dean. It is incredibly enlightening and worth the listen (regardless of gender) to learn about the importance of authenticity, compassionate leadership, and the value of emotions in the workplace. Click on the…

Congratulations on Passing the Bar Exam Najmah!

Congratulations on Passing the Bar Exam Najmah!

Please join EPT Legal in congratulating our colleague, Najmah James, on passing the NY bar exam! Najmah has been an integral part of EPT for 5 years, working as a Paralegal and then an investigator all through law school. We are very proud and excited to see what she accomplishes next!


Coming Out at work as LGBTQ and inclusive workplaces

Our colleague Jessica Rinaldi recently recorded a podcast with our colleagues Richard Thompson and Mark O’Grady from our international affiliate Byrne-Dean. It is an 18-minute program on “Coming Out at work as LGBTQ and inclusive workplaces” and is worth listening to as professionals in the workplace. Click on the link below to access the podcast…


And, I STILL punch like a girl.

I started taking a boxing class in December in the hopes of improving my fitness. I don’t consider myself an incredibly coordinated individual, but I do my best. One of my boxing classmates, perhaps seeing my desire to improve, approached me after one of my first classes. “Can I give you some feedback?” he asked….