Being an expert is great, but let’s not dismiss our junior colleagues

My son has been practicing basketball several times a week for a year and has improved immensely. We were recently visiting some friends when he decided to play basketball with one of the other kids there. Since we had no basketball on hand, one of the parents went out to buy one and mistakenly bought…


Workplace investigation or culture audit?

Imagine your workplace is a garden. If a single plant in the garden is not thriving, you investigate the specific circumstances of that plant. However, if different plants scattered all around the garden are declining, you might take a culture of the soil to see if there is a broader issue with the garden’s environment….


This month we celebrate LGBTQ Pride and Inclusion

In high school, I wrote an essay using“s/he” throughout, for “he or she.” I liked the idea of a universal “s/he,” but my teacher corrected my work, educating me about the universal “he.” Why “he” would win over “s/he” as universal, I did not know. But that’s how it was.  In my next essay I…


Happy Pride Month

I recall a few years ago, I was having a conversation about gay pride with a young person. “Why are people ‘proud’ of their sexual orientation?” they asked. “I mean, straight people aren’t proud to be straight, right? Why are people proud to be gay?” The person was genuinely curious, so I shared my perspective:…