Not only do we learn from our mistakes what not to do—sometimes our mistakes are in fact discoveries of how to do things better.

This weekend, I stopped by one of my favorite take-out places—KFC—to pick up lunch for my family.

I placed the usual order for hot wings. After all, why change an order when we know it works?

The cashier asked me a question, which I interpreted as “Natural Hot?” behind her mask and the plexiglass.

“Yes please,” I responded.

It turned out, “Natural Hot” was actually “Nashville Hot?” So when I got home we discovered I did not in fact order the tried and tested favorite. By mistake I ordered something entirely different.

But we were hungry and correcting the order wasn’t a practical option.
Grudgingly, we dug in and tasted “Nashville Hot” wings. And they were… delicious!

We now have a new favorite to add to our hot wings list. Had this misunderstanding never occurred, I would not have had this delightful new experience.

Not only do we learn from our mistakes, but sometimes the mistakes themselves can be our learning.