It’s Okay To Miss Your Workplace

My 12 year old son said, “I would like to take 2020 and throw it in the garbage.” While we review daily what we learned these last few weeks, and list opportunities to connect with people with an ease we just now are beginning to appreciate, it’s ok to identify the things we don’t like about the current situation (in addition to the obvious issues of health and safety.)

I, for one, miss my office. I remember once meeting a pianist who lived in a tiny apartment and who shared that his piano cost over $75K. For me, his modest apartment and his extravagant piano, were incongruous. But now, I understand. I feel how that pianist would probably feel, being away from his piano.

I feel a sense of loss, being away from my office with my large U-shaped desk, my large monitor, my individual printer, scanner, and easy access to books and files. I miss getting into “the zone” every day at work. When I return, I imagine I will greet my office and teammates with maniacal glee. Like the pianist who invested in his piano, what we invest in, and what we miss, tells us about who we are. If you miss your workplace, don’t be too hard on yourself. That, and the lessons learned, will help carry your organization forward. Just make sure you keep practicing making music in the meantime.