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Elena Paraskevas-Thadani, Esq.

President and Founder

Elena is an experienced employment attorney, certified mediator and executive coach, having advised, trained...

Allison Ianni, Esq.

Co-Head of Investigations

Allison Ianni is an experienced attorney and workplace investigator with more than a decade of employment law experience...

Naveen Kabir, Esq.

Senior Investigator and Facilitator

Naveen is a seasoned attorney, workplace investigator and facilitator with over a decade of experience resolving workplace disputes...

Kristina Lambros

Accounting Manager

Kristina holds a B.S. in Packaging from Michigan State University and has decades of experience in food packaging and material science...

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Debra Osofsky, Esq.

Senior Investigator

Debra is a graduate of Harvard Law School and of the Cornell School of Industrial Labor Relations...

James Tampellini, Esq.

Senior Investigator

Jim is a seasoned attorney and former veteran detective of the New York City Police Department...

Jessica Rinaldi, Esq.

Senior Investigator and Facilitator

Jessica Rinaldi is a senior investigator, facilitator and coach focusing on resolving sensitive issues that arise in the workplace. 

Daniela Djordjeva

Executive Assistant, Operations & Bookkeeper

Daniela works at EPT as an Executive assistant, Bookkeeper and Operations teammember. With over 25 years experience... 

Skylla Silva

Paralegal and Operations Team Member

Skylla works for the firm as a paralegal and operations team member. She provides support to EPT Legal's staff in adminstrative matters...

Ellie Thadani

Editorial Assistant and Content Creator

Ellie assists the firm as an Editorial Assistant and Content Creator. She creates and develops interactive PowerPoint presentations for leadership...

Steven Gomez

Law Clerk and Paralegal

Steven Gomez is a first-year student at New York Law School. He graduated with honors from Fordham University...

Richard Martin

Mental Health Trainer

Richard joined EPT Legal’s international affiliate, Byrne-Dean, in 2013. Richard also taught... 

Mark O'Grady

Mental Health Trainer

Mark is a mental health training Facilitator, delivering a suite of mental health programs since joining EPT Legal’s international affiliate, Byrne-Dean, in 2019.