Reconnecting with old friends and with ourselves

Yesterday, I went out to lunch with my family. It was the first time in over a year that we went to a restaurant. I dressed the way I normally do when I go out. My 17 year old daughter commented, “Mom, you look the way you do when I imagine you.”

It occurred to me I haven’t been or seen “myself” in a very long time. Perhaps since sometime in early 2020. I can’t say it was like a deliberate “break up”—more like we just drifted apart.

2020 was a blur. In fact, a reference to “last year” brings up images of 2019. That said, I do remember good moments from ‘20, if I try really hard.

So now ‘21 is bringing the return of many things I have missed (people!) and I am meeting my old self more often. Now that we have reconnected, I will tell her all about 2020, and we will swap stories and learn from each other.