Professional Training:

Our experienced trainers and speakers have developed and conducted hundreds of customized trainings to managers and employees of international, domestic and local companies. Our training experience includes seminars on nonharassment and discrimination, professional conduct, employment compliance, litigation avoidance, management skills, teambuilding, diversity and inclusion, mental health, performance management, and how to be an effective supervisor. We specializes in conducting one-on-one training and coaching sessions to officers, directors and C-Level executives.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Everyone plays a role in engendering a culture of inclusion. We help people understand the benefit of having a diverse employee population and how to value and support that diversity to create a high performing environment. We apply the principles of emotional intelligence to challenge people to see things differently, and to foster a culture built upon psychological safety and belonging.

Mental Health:

We increase awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace to create health and sustainable cultures in which mental health and wellbeing is part of the conversation. We use our lived experience and the insight and experience that comes from being at the forefront of this work for many years.

One-to-One Training:

Sometimes managers and executives require personalized and private training sessions. We leverage our decades of experience as employment lawyers, workplace experts, and as coaches to conduct these one-to-one trainings. Our one-to-ones help managers engage in an insightful dialogue about how their conduct affects the culture of their workplace. These conversations are highly tailored to the manager and executive, who can ask questions, challenge concepts, and receive real-time feedback throughout the dialogue.