Sometimes we don’t even know another perspective exists. Some thoughts on thinking, and leveraging differences, by our colleague Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (She/Her)

Bias is essentially the things we take for granted. One of the things I take for granted is how I *think*. I think in words, but there are individuals who think in pictures. Apparently, one type of thinker is not aware that the other exists. And then there are those who toggle back and forth, between words and pictures, fluidly. I often think about these “others.” What does the world, problem solving, and day to day planning look like for them? Studies have shown that one type of thinking is not superior to the other, that it doesn’t affect, intelligence, performance, or learning. And yet now that I know the “other” is out there, I wonder, what can we build together because of our different ways of thinking?

Picture this….

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