We still learn a lot from each other

The other day, I was invited to my kitchen by a delicious aroma. I was greeted by 8 individual serving-sized chocolate soufflés.

“Wow, those looks amazing!” I told my 13-year-old, who has taken up baking during the pandemic.

“Thanks,” he responded. “What I REALLY wanted though was hot chocolate. But I don’t know how to make that.”

I was incredulous. “You can make chocolate soufflé but can’t make hot chocolate?” He responded, “You’ve always made it for me.”

Don’t assume that because somebody knows how to implement a complicated solution that they know (or feel comfortable) tackling the simpler ones. My son had never made hot chocolate before. And while he easily learned how to mix hot milk and cocoa powder, I couldn’t take for granted what he knew. Even “experts” can learn from novices, and of course, we still learn a lot from each other.