Supporting Workbases

As of the end of March 2020, EPT Legal has donated $20,000 worth of services or direct financial support to the community. In addition to our pro bono efforts and our charitable contributions, we continue our mission of making the workplace a better place, through training, internal investigations, alternative dispute resolution and professional coaching. Now that many workplaces have become 100% virtual experiences, many are finally realizing that the “workplace” is simply a team of people collaborating—a “workbase”.

If you look at the definition of “base” you will find references to architecture, botany/zoology, chemistry, geometry etc. I found the definitions “a center of operations” and “a group of people regarded as supporting an organization” (such as a client base) most relevant. The key concept for the definition is “support”.

And while “workplaces” currently are not so much “workspaces”, we understand that it has always been about “workbases,” the people needing your support (clients, coworkers, colleagues–internal and external) and who support you.