Before joining the EPT Legal team, Susan O’Sullivan led the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion department for the US of a Fortune 100 technology distributor.  In that role, Susan delivered structure and process so that individuals could feel included and accepted in the company.  Susan views DEI initiatives as the necessary starting point for organizations to create a culture of authenticity and belonging, one that hears and acknowledges all its team members, and empowers them to achieve success. As an experienced DEI professional with a background in sales, Susan understand the pressures companies and employees face to create a sustainable, profitable, and desirable workplace culture.

Susan has over 30 years of experience in technology sales and distribution management, and leverages this in her coaching work. Prior to her role in DEI, she worked at the same Fortune 100 company over three decades.  In her career she held sales roles and roles in executive management, culminating as VP of US Sales, responsible for billions of dollars in sales.  Her organization was one of the largest profit centers of the company and she coached, developed, and supervised over 300 associates on multiple continents. Susan leverages this sales experience and specializes in business development coaching for executives and leaders who have bottom-line deliverables.

Susan brings her leadership skills, business acumen, and her corporate experience to help others in her work.  Susan listens carefully and creates bespoke solutions for her clients, leveraging her experiences and the unique gifts of each of her clients.