Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Inspired by my 13-year old’s culinary successes, I decided to try my hand in the kitchen. I am a carnivore and wanted to make meatballs. I rolled up my sleeves, dug into the raw meat, sculpted, seasoned, and baked them. And they tuned out— pretty awful. They were dry, barely chewable, inedible.

I left them on the counter and told my husband of my failed attempt at cooking. I was disappointed, and about to throw them out.

He took out a crock pot, filled it with chicken broth, onions, mushrooms, with a dash of seasoning and tomato paste. The dish cooked for three hours.

It’s nice to be on a team who helps correct your mistakes. Who won’t let you fail. Where your contribution is valued, even if it’s not perfect.

The house filled with a savory aroma. When the kids asked what there was to eat, my husband responded, “Your mom made meatballs.”

He gave me credit. Now that’s a great teammate.

The meatballs were delicious. I suppose teamwork was the most important ingredient.


a bowl of food on a plate