Very helpful and very inclusive. Jessica is very personable and her use of personal examples really made me feel comfortable getting in touch with my own emotions.
Beneficial to all employees, and I would recommend Jessica, she was lovely and made many personal references which helped the conversations.
There are a lot of people in a lot of work places who need this type training and also need to take it seriously. I hope the trainer (Jessica) is able to provide this session far and wide and wish her the best of luck!
Jessica was a very effective presenter as she encouraged participation, provided relevant case examples as well as drew from personal experiences and knew the material very well and presented it in a way that was easy to understand.
That it was a good reminder of how to comport oneself in the workplace, that it was engaging and kind of fun even. A good way to learn and also bond with our colleagues.
Reminder that we all create the culture of the workplace and need to actively enforce the best in us.
This course was a great introductory session on how to create a positive workplace, what to look out for in terms of harassment, and what our roles and responsibilities are to help maintain a healthy work environment.
This training framed the topic in a way I hadn’t really thought of before. I also liked that it was more on the interactive side.
I really appreciated how interactive the course was and the speaker did a fantastic job of covering the content while also monitoring the chat and fostering discussion. I also enjoyed that although we were covering heavy topics, there was a lightness and humor throughout which improved my experience and made me feel more comfortable.
This was a very valuable course, and honestly one of the best diversity and harassment trainings I have attended. It was informative, engaging, and impactful!