Elena presented herself as an advocate for leaders and turned it into an opportunity for leadership education in a way, and that made it useful for understanding how the content applies to us and what we can do to improve culture.
It was refreshing to have an interactive training. It kept me engaged and learned about scenarios that would happen in my role and how to identify and deal with them.
A highly interactive course to learn about harassment that not only gives you the information you need but allows you the opportunity to ask the questions you have on the topic.
I’ve never taken another comparable course. The course content and facilitators were excellent
There were many good situations used as examples. I liked that participation by all those who attended was welcomed and encouraged.
Elena was excellent. This session was informative and fun for a workplace training meeting.
Overall good explanation and examples of how culture and our own actions affect the workplace.
Elena was very informative and provided details for every situation and topic she discussed.
This training session made me aware of how easy it is to offend a co worker and how I should be mindful of what I say in the workplace.
The presentation was great and was able to get people to participate.