Elena was efficient and had a lot of information about the topics.
This training course was very good because it will help us interacting with other employees and the guests.
This course was more interesting, useful, and engaging than I anticipated! Thank you!!
Elena was awesome. She provided good information and was thoughtfully prepared.
I enjoyed the training session. My co-workers have attended previous sessions. They had good things to say and they were right.
Elena facilitated the training session in a way that kept it moving quickly, which encouraged the participants to be more engaged.
The training course brought out ongoing issues that I thought I knew very well and taught me many new things.
Elena is a great speaker and presenter. She did a good job keeping me engaged in the conversation.
The training session was well-structured, very engaging, and not cliché.
The training session was very entertaining and motivating. It had good pacing and kept my interest.