We thank all the Veterans for their service. Here is a most from our colleague about #stressatwork keeping Veterans in mind by our colleague Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (She/Her)

As a coach, I have noticed when an employee has a busy day without stress, they will describe their day as “productive” or “full.” They may report feeling “in the zone,” “invigorated,” and “important” because of goals achieved, projects completed, and everything accomplished.

When an employee has a busy day with stress, managing and surviving the stress actually becomes an additional deliverable. A hidden project within the project, requiring additional bandwidth and time, and sapping energy, health, and morale. Employees report feeling “exposed,” “unsupported,” “buried,” and “at risk.” When these employees manage to finish a project, they don’t feel invigorated; they feel like they just missed being run over by a bus. Terrified. Exhausted.

Helping your employees manage stress, by helping them feel more in control and listened to, offering wellness and employee assistance programs, and by doing check-ins about resources will help them devote their energies to being productive and working towards the company’s goals. It’s a win-win. Not enough resources are devoted to these solutions.

On Veteran’s Day, I’d like to point out that the veterans among us in the workplace may have unique stress-related issues that should be addressed. I thank them for their service.