The Importance of a Good Team

When I was a partner at Big Law, I had to give a presentation with two of my partners on employment law developments. It was an early morning presentation and I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the venue (remember those days?). Once we started presenting, however, I realized my partners and I were having a great time. We were 3 colleagues who enjoyed what they do and enjoyed working with each other. Our ideas flowed freely and sparked questions, answers, and thought provoking comments. We received warm applause after the seminar and I was later approached by an audience member who said, “I could tell that you really enjoy working with each other.” And they were right. We did.

People can tell if a team is having fun and works well, if they have each other’s backs. Similarly, people can tell if a team is at odds and if they are not much of a team at all. They won’t hire the latter.

People can tell, without you telling them.