Thoughts on change, growth and learning

In light of our beautiful summer days, I have seen spiders spin intricate webs, birds build sturdy nests, and bees build perfect symmetrical hives. So many animals are born engineers, already knowing intuitively how to build complicated structures. We as humans are born knowing how to build nothing. It is our capacity to learn which has allowed us to create what we have built. It is this capacity which allows us to learn how things were done before, and how we may disregard previous methods, or improve upon them. And it is this capacity which will help us work together and learn and build new things, and new ways of resolving issues in the workplace. Whether it be a new product, a better way to serve customers, or a better way to serve each other and collaborate as coworkers, it is our capacity to learn and innovate which will provide the answer. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a lot to learn. Use the ability to do so. That is what makes us human.