Try Every Option Before Blindly Quitting

My 13-year old was hungry and was exploring the fridge. To some, it would have looked like his options were limited. But he found various small amounts of cheeses in their make-shift wrappers and researched how to make homemade mac and cheese on youtube. He watched more than one video and improvised with what he had. He topped it off with breadcrumbs and broiled it. Then he tasted it, was not thrilled, and improved it by sprinkling garlic powder on top.

My take aways from his experience:

Munster cheese is not the best for this dish.

Try to use what you have first, before deciding you have no options.

Be curious, research and learn from the experience of others, and then build on it.

Learn from your own experience by seeing what you liked and what you can do better.

Fix what you can and make notes for next time.

And finally, dig in!


a close up picture of a food item