What Will the New World Look Like?

Like any professional woman, I have lots of high-heeled shoes in my closet (and under my desk at work, under my bed at home, in my garage, and in my trunk). And I haven’t worn a single pair in over a year. Throughout the pandemic, on the occasions when I did wear shoes, I alternated between flip flops and sneakers.

There have been many changes these last 12 months, not just in footwear and dress code. And not just in how we work. As we optimistically look towards a future with more in-person contact, I wonder: what changes happened inside us that we can’t see? How will the structure (both physical and metaphysical) we have put in place to “get through,” affect what we do next? When it comes time to venture out and transition to an in-person world again, and I open my closet, will the shoe fit?