Zoom Fatigue

A team was on a call. There was an awkward silence. A question was asked on a deliverable and no one heard it… because everyone was working on something else. In other words, they were on the Zoom, but they weren’t in the meeting. This is the result of Zoom fatigue.

Be present. This is the biggest and most effective form of combating Zoom fatigue. If your mind must drift in a meeting or call, let it be because you are daydreaming. Don’t let it be because you are checking email, or taking another call. Your time, your attention, and being present is the best gift you can give your teammates, your clients, and yourself.

And remember, meetings are “meet”-ings, not lectures. There should be dialogue. If people have an opportunity to speak and share, they are more likely to “show up” to do so. And if you are present, your teammates are likely to show up for you too.