An anecdote on innovation and embracing feedback, by our colleague Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (She/Her)

“It’s pumpkin spice mousse,” my 13 year old said looking at me expectantly. “It’s Keto,” he added, referencing the diet I follow. “I wanted to surprise you.”

I took a bite. He asked, “Any criticisms?”

I looked at him. He wasn’t wincing, scared of potential negative feedback. He was genuinely curious. Interested in what I had to say.

He continued, “I substituted pumpkin spice for vanilla extract. We didn’t have any.”

There are so many things I liked about this interaction. My son was thoughtful, keeping my diet in mind in making the dessert. He improvised in a big way, when he found he didn’t have the listed ingredients, and innovated. He was genuinely interested in my feedback, curious about what I had to say and how to improve.

It struck me that these qualities, being thoughtful of another’s preferences and restrictions, improvising when resources are scarce, and a genuine desire for honest feedback, is what helps us innovate and grow. Personally and Professionally.

I finished my bite. “It’s delicious,” I said.

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