Leveraging Opportunities To Overcome Obstacles

What opportunities exist now that did not exist before?

I heard, due to the changes brought by the Covid crisis:

*People with illnesses who previously had to take a leave of absence now are still engaged at work (by working remotely just like their co-workers)
*Parents can provide support to their families and not miss work opportunities
*Introverts are more easily able to contribute to meetings with chat functions, communication apps that ask for feedback, new ways of running meetings, and simply because video conferencing makes it harder to interrupt someone
*People sleeping more (no more planes to catch or long commutes)
*Employers allowing flexible work in ways that are kinder to one’s biological clock
*Families eating regular meals together
*Essential workers experiencing less traffic/shorter commutes
*More efforts to stay connected with coworkers (and some report feeling more connected)
*Time to learn new things
*Universal changes in work culture (video calls now ok, so those whose circumstances made attendance/travel difficult are now, in many cases, on par with everyone else)

There are of course a lot of challenges as well. As things continue to evolve and workplaces open up again, how can we leverage these opportunities and lessons to help us overcome the obstacles?