Here is a tip from Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (She/Her) that may help with the drudgery that we may experience working from home

The NYC streets are full of fond memories: a corner on which I closed a deal on a call, a coffee shop where I met a colleague, a train gate where I was texting employment advice, office buildings where my clients were located. I was literally “going places.” Simply passing these locales in any given day would trigger a pleasant memory, a professional accomplishment, so that locale and substance were combined. Working from home day in and day out has taken away the geographic prompts of past moments, the sign posts of progress, the memory marks on city trails. Sitting in one room working at home doesn’t have the same mnemonic texture.

My advice? Switch rooms as you work. While we make a big deal about the “right” place to work at home, I advise you to work everywhere at home. On your couch, porch, balcony, fire escape, lawn, stoop, kitchen, bathroom, windowsill. Different locales help me savor the moments, appreciate the passage of time, and help mark milestones and completion of projects and tasks. For me, discreet moments in different home locations are more defined than one long endless time chunk in the same chair. When I shift places, I feel like I am going places. Even though my work is ultimately performed in my head.