A word from our coach Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (She/Her) on “confidence” and what it really looks like

“People follow confidence.” That is the old adage. Some of my coaching clients have been told they are not “confident”.

And I realize that there are two different groups that people mistakenly lump together. There are, on the one hand, incredible individuals who can use more self-confidence, and who can, through coaching, be taught to believe and rely more in their abilities. To overcome “imposter syndrome.”

On the other hand, there is another group, who has been labeled “not confident” because they ask questions. Think about issues. Seek consensus. Consider other points of view. This is not a confidence issue. In fact, these are very brave and courageous individuals. They create culture with courage, diplomacy and tact. We coach these individuals as well, but not to find the “confidence” they already have. We help them leverage the most effective communication tool they have: their empathy.

Let’s stop overrating “confidence” and under-appreciating “empathy.” Empathy is a great learning and leadership tool.

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